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13 Rue De La Pierrette, 60350 Saint-Étienne-Roilaye, France


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    Welcome to Saint Etienne Roilaye


    First recorded in History books in 1616, the original Mill, now the Hunting Lodge, operated as a Flour Mill. Originally the estate had a total of four streams running directly through the grounds that rotated the large stone wheels. Remnants of these are still located within the gardens today.

    In the 1830’s the Mill was extended adding 2, 3 story high turning wheels, one for water, the other for oils, to operate as a Textile Mill. Specializing in the colouring of canvas and cottons, the Mill soon came to the attention of the Royale household as a supplier. Eugenie De Montijo, The Empress of France and wife of Napoleon III, took such an interest in the work that the Mill was producing that she further restored the Mill in the late 1840’s to expandcolouring and textile production for the Royal Palace’s located in Pierrefonds, Compiegne and Fontainebleau. The colour Empress Blue was given her namesake to reflect her passion for colour, and her obsession towards experimenting with Chiffons, Lace and Silks from Lyon.

    The Empress became renowned as a fashion icon of her time. She often worked with couturiers and took pleasure in designing Royal fashions of the Court. Today the Empress is credited as the creator of the Eugenie Hat, the colour Empress Blue and also the Spanish Bolero Jacket. The Eugenie hat became a fashion favourite in the 1930’s by the likes of Greta Gabo and today’s version, the modern millinery fascinator, remains a Royal favourite must have. Her passion with fitted gowns with heavily embroidered tops, heavy laces and silk overlays, saw the Empress often followed by the paparazzi of the day. Her overlay crop jackets with embellished designs became very popular across Europe, and no where more than her home Country of Spain where the jacket further evolved into the original Spanish Bolero,which is still worn today in traditional ceremonies.

    With the end of the French Empire, the Mill fell into disrepair and eventually was abandoned. In the 1960’s the Mill was purchased by a Russian philanthropist who removed the large central wheels of the Mill, redirected the streams to their locations of today, and installed 4 levels into the now Master Residence of the estate. Today the original wheel mountings can still be seen in the Salon. Lovingly owned by private families since, and additional renovation projects transformed the Mill into a Luxury Country Estate.

    Standing proud alongside the original Stream, surrounded by natural Forests, Moulin Royale sets the stage of your luxury country escape.

    The logo of the Moulin Royale was created by the current owners of the Estate to embody both the property and the family heritage. The blue of the logo directly links to the colour Empress Blue and the original patron of the Mill Empress Eugenie. The Crest and Red Stag Deer pays homage to Napoleon III and Chateau De Pierrefonds. Deer are a very common sighting throughout the area and also in the forest of the Mill. Capturing the owners heritage, the waving scrolls are the flags of the Forbes Clan and the Crown represents the Royal Crown of Jordan.








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    Excellent place to stay with high end rooms and fantastic service - This place is a fantastic treat. The estate is tremendously well kept and the rooms (3 in total) are top notch. The pictures on the webpage don't do the property justice since it is absolutely wonderful.

    By Malik K

    Great! Unseen Hospitality, beautiful location and high quality rooms. Me and my mom stayed for three days while exploring the nearby castles, culture, and off course, Paris. I would highly recommend it.

    By Anne Marie D

    Quality in all aspects - What a treat to stay somewhere that has been given so much thought. Our suite was one of the most beautiful rooms we have ever stayed in. Luxury bed linens, bath, shower and a log fire.

    By Alpbacerhof

    Exceptionally high standard choice in terms of accommodation, food and hosts

    By Jennifer Kingsclere

    Impeccable - Beautiful and spacious rooms, impeccable service, welcoming hosts and a delicious breakfast. Couldn't ask for more!

    By Jennifer Jeune

    Fantastic – we stayed in the De Montijo Suite which is large and luxurious. Excellent hosts who provide excellent breakfast.

    By Paul B

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